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17mm White Blind Circle Lenses

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CrazyLab White Blind Mini Sclera Circle Lenses

CrazyLab contact lenses in White Blind are the perfect theatrical cosmetic costume lenses for impressive and unique photo shoots! Transform your eyes with these amazing 17mm mini sclera (they go past your natural irises and cover more of the whites) lenses to create the ultimate dramatic look for Halloween or any cosplay/costume needs. Each pair of Blind White special effects lenses comes with a free lens case and ships from Maryland, USA.

*Note: Vision will be obstructed with these lenses and visibility through them will be severely low. Please do not drive or attempt operating any machinery etc. while wearing these lenses. Our mesh lenses are good options if better vision is needed.

Made in Korea
100% Authentic and High Quality
ISO13485 / ISO9001 / GMP / KFDA Certified


Additional Details

CL 17mm White Blind
17 mm
Base Curve:
8.9 mm
Water Content:
Replacement Period:
Lenses last up to 1 year after opening
What's included:
1 pair of contact lenses + 1 lens case
Processing Time:
1-2 Business Days

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