False Eyelash Applicator Tool

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♥ Apply your lashes evenly, cleanly and with ease using this handy tool!



1. Using the tip of the Applicator, remove the False Eyelashes from the lash tray. Tip: Trim lashes to fit your eye shape. Apply glue along the base of the lash and wait for 15-30 seconds for it to become tacky. 

2. Hold the False Eyelashes between the two curved ends of Applicator and carefully position the False Eyelashes above your own eyelashes along the lash line. Tip: Align the position of False Eyelashes by applying to the middle section first, using the tips of the Applicator, adjust the inner and outer corner of eyes

3. Clean Applicator after each use with tissue paper. To remove eyelash adhesive on the applicator. Wet tissue paper or soft cloth with a few drops of water and wipe off. 

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