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Kawaii かわいい (kah-wah-ee) - Japanese for "cute". Cuteness is a national fixation in Japan and it is certainly one of the defining aesthetics of manga and anime.

KawaiiLoveBeauty.com is an authorized online distributor of imported circle contact lenses, originally the best-kept secret of Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong models and celebrities for their captivating eyes, and is now a trend that has swept east Asian countries by storm. We value our customers' satisfaction and safety, so we carry only the highest quality, 100% authentic lenses from the most established circle lens manufacturers such as DueBa, EOS, G&G and Geo Medical Co., Ltd. (South Korea). Kawaii beauty is at the click of a button at unbeatable prices!

Currently we are serving clientele all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, the UK, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and other European nations, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and UAE. We ship internationally and can negotiate wholesale deals for bulk orders or resellers. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

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Our logo was inspired by Sanrio, Tokidoki, and basically our passion for cuteness and Japanese pop culture. The face is of a panda, which was inspired by our little Casey (he loves pandas), with a heart surrounding it for love.