What are circle lenses?

Anime girl removing brown circle lens for bigger eyes


Explain to me what circle lenses are. Aren't they just colored contacts?

Circle lenses, also known as "big eye" contact lenses, are special cosmetic contact lenses that make the eye's iris appear larger. This product was invented in South Korea in the mid-2000's. Such circle contact lenses are generally used to give a more beautiful appearance to the eyes, and an overall more youthful look. They are particularly popular among K-pop stars and actresses, Japanese "gyaru" and Korean "ulzzang", cosplayers, makeup artists, and social media influencers.

Circle lenses were originally used solely by Korean celebrities before being sold as a product available to the general population in East Asian nations. Currently circle lenses are not yet sold in store shelves in the United States and other western nations and can only be purchased from online sellers like KawaiiLoveBeauty.com.

Korean ulzzangs wearing circle lenses in brown and blue


What are the differences between circle lenses and conventional cosmetic contact lenses?

Circle lens contacts have the color covering a majority of the contact, causing the color to go beyond the iris and manipulating the ratio between the iris and the eye, thus, the appearance of a larger iris. They come in a variety of colors and effects. The diameter of the circle lens is the same as conventional contact lenses, on average 14.5mm. The feature of circle lenses that make them different from conventional colored contacts is that the color printed on the lens extends further out on the lens, covering the iris completely as well as a bit of the sclera or white of the eye when worn. This creates a doe-eyed or doll-like effect that makes the wearer's eyes appear brighter, larger and more attractive and youthful-looking. The overlapping printing on the lens encircles the natural iris-- hence "circle". The original circle lenses typically featured a dark limbal ring or outer circle that enhanced the eye-enlarging effect. Circle lenses have now evolved to include a limitless array of styles and designs that range from natural-looking color blends to special effects, suitable for every occasion from everyday wear to costume purposes.

KawaiiLoveBeauty.com carries 100% authentic Korean OEM brand circle lenses. All Korean circle lens brands we carry are internationally certified (CE, ISO, etc.) for the utmost quality and safety, and use only US FDA approved colors and manufacturing methods, so you can purchase with confidence!

Before and After wearing circle lenses (Geo Angel Green and black circle lenses):

Girl wearing green circle lenses, before and after

Girl wearing black circles, before and after

Girl wearing black circle lenses in before and after

As you can see, the result is quite dramatic! Circle lenses are the ultimate non-surgical solution for those who would like the appearance of bigger or just more captivating eyes, especially combined with the right makeup application. The overall effect is quite striking, but there are so many different styles that your look can be customized to be as subtle or as attention-grabbing as you like.

Geo Medical/AngelColor brand and other major Korean brand circle lenses featured in issues of Japanese magazines Popteen, Happie Nuts and Egg:

Models wearing circle lenses in Japanese magazines

Popteen circle lens model

Filipino-French American gaijin J-Pop star Leah Dizon is famous for wearing circle lenses for her signature cute eyes:


Cultivating Kawaii, Fresh-Faced Beauty


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