Circle Lenses

Circle lenses are special cosmetic contact lenses that make the eye's iris appear larger, and in turn give the illusion of more attractive, youthful looking eyes. The circle lens for bigger eyes concept was invented in South Korea, and is the best kept secret of celebrities and models all across nations like Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

New natural circle lens designs are now being seen on social media influencers on Instagram and K-pop stars. They suit every type of look ranging from the original Korean "ulzzang" and Japanese "gyaru", to cosplay and e-girls and boys. From subtle styles for daily wear to the extreme, only your imagination is the limit to the possibilities. Circles lenses are an exciting way to express your individuality and because of their superior quality and durability, our lenses are an affordable and high value option to help switch up your look depending on your ever-changing mood.

Our circle lenses in a wide variety of styles and colors and special colored contact lenses are used to enhance the appearance of the eyes, resulting in a more beautiful and fresh look. Discover for yourself how Korean circle lenses that began their popularity in Asia (and are quickly becoming a can't-live-without staple in everyone's beauty arsenal) can instantly transform your eyes!

We carry only 100% authentic, US FDA approved and/or KFDA, CE and ISO internationally certified circle lenses and colored contacts from Korea. Our brands lead global innovation by using the latest in soft contact lens manufacturing technology such as with new silicone hydrogel material for maximum comfort and breathability. You don't have to wait weeks or months to experience the beauty enhancing power of circle lenses, as we ship our products fast within the USA, Canada and worldwide!

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