Authorized Distributor


Our contact lenses and products are certified and of USA and international safety standards.


1. Certificate Name : FDA 510(k) 
2. Certificate Issuer : US Food & Drug Administration 
3. Certificate ID : K110835

1. Certificate Name : CE Certificate
2. Certificate Issuer : ITC
3. Certificate ID : CE 1023

1. Certificate Name : KGMP
2. Certificate Issuer : Korea Food & Drug Administration
3. Certificate ID : KTR-AB-090461

1. Certificate Name : ISO 13485:2003
2. Certificate Issuer : ITC
3. Certificate ID : 10-0074-SJ

Other Certifications:
CMDCAS (Canada), KFDA, SFDA (China), TFDA (Taiwan), TGA (Australia), GOST-R (Russia) 

Authenticity is an authorized distributor of Geo Medical since 2009. We obtain our products directly from our Geo Medical Co., Ltd. supplier in South Korea so they are guaranteed 100% authentic. The "Magic Color" label on all series are the prescribed packaging for North America. All reported fakes with or without an authenticity sticker can be found at Geo's website.