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17mm Cyan Mesh R Circle Lenses

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CrazyLab 17mm Cyan Mesh R Mini Sclera Circle Lenses

CrazyLab 17mm mini sclera circle lenses in Cyan Mesh R feature a full screen design that extends past the natural irises and cover more of the whites of the eye, as well as a defining black limbal rim for its high impact theatrical effect. Use these otherworldly aqua blue lenses to create striking looks from cyborgs, anime characters and more. 17mm Cyan Mesh R mini sclera contacts give the illusion of giant, entranced animated eyes. We get your lens kit started with a cute new storage case, and you get your new 17mm Cyan Mesh R circle lenses fast, shipping directly from the USA.

Note: Vision may be partly obstructed with use of these lenses. Do not wear while driving or any activity that requires the use of 100% vision. Use at your own risk.

Made in Korea
100% Authentic and High Quality
ISO13485 / ISO9001 / GMP / KFDA Certified

Additional Details

CL Cyan Mesh R 17mm
17 mm
Base Curve:
10 mm
Water Content:
High oxygen silicone hydrogel in sterile buffered saline
Replacement Period:
Lenses last up to 1 year after opening
What's included:
1 pair of contact lenses + 1 lens case
Processing Time:
1-2 Business Days

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