Frequently Asked Questions


♥ How long does shipping take?  Processing time takes 48 hours or less until the order is shipped, after which delivery time via USPS is 2-6 business days (counted Monday-Friday excluding holidays) for US domestic orders (in stock), and 2-4 weeks for prescription lenses. You may choose Expedited Shipping (pre-order items) at checkout for fasting shipping of prescription lenses. For international in-stock orders, shipment time is up to 10 business days (4-8 business days for Canada), but delays may occur depending on the Customs regulations of the respective destination.  More information: Shipping Info


♥ Where do you ship from?  We are a US seller and all in stock items ship from Maryland. Some out of stock or pre-order contact lenses may ship from our warehouse in Asia.


♥ Is tracking information provided?  Yes, complete tracking information is sent to your email for all orders to the following countries:

• USA • Canada • UK • Australia
• France • Spain • Brazil • Germany
• New Zealand   • Belgium • Croatia • Denmark
• Israel • Netherlands   • Switzerland • Estonia
• Finland • Gibraltar • Hungary • Italy
• Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg   • Malaysia
• Malta • Portugal • Singapore  


For all other countries, tracking information is only available up until the order departs from the US. If you'd like complete tracking or faster shipping, please email us before your order ships and we can add tracking for an additional fee.


♥ Do contact lenses come in pairs?  Yes, all contacts listed on the site come with 2 lenses, one for each of your eyes (1 pair).


♥ Are all the products in-stock?  For circle lenses, all items listed in Plano -0.00 (no prescription) are usually in-stock and ship out in 24-48 hours, unless marked as pre-order or backordered. Lens cases and accessories are also in-stock unless otherwise indicated. Prescription circle lenses are not kept in-stock and are pre-ordered from South Korea -- thus take longer to ship than non-prescription lenses.


♥ What do I do if the item I want is out of stock?  Popular items do sell out, but we do our best to make them available again as soon as possible. You may contact us to preorder the item, or wait for the item to restock.


♥ Are the circle lenses on your site authentic?  Yes, we are an authorized distributor of Geo Medical. All of our lenses 100% authentic. All Geo lenses are US FDA 510(k) approved, KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration), KGMP, MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), Health Canada approved, ISO (International Standard Organisation) & CE (Conformité Européenne - Europe) approved, and use NPP (Nano Polar Printing) process and colors approved by the FDA. All other Korean brands on the site such as Dueba, EOS, Beuberry, i.Fairy, etc. are 100% authentic and are internationally certified (KFDA, CE, ISO, GMP, etc.) for safety and quality.

Please see our certificates here. Our lenses bear Geo Medical's anti-fake stickers with a unique number that can be checked here for authenticity.




♥ What methods of payment are accepted?  PayPal, all major Credit Cards, money order/cashier's check, or concealed cash. Payments by money order must be in USD, regardless of the country of origin. Personal checks are accepted but payment must clear with your bank before we can ship your order. Read below to know how to place an order using cash or check as your payment.


♥ I'm paying by credit card -- how safe is my transaction?  Our site is equipped with secure sockets layer (SSL). All customer information is securely transmitted over the internet with up to 256-bit High-grade Encryption. You may verify our certificate here: Privacy Notice. Also, we do not keep any credit card information as our store processes all transactions via Stripe and PayPal, ensuring your privacy and 100% shopping confidence!


♥ How do I pay with money order?  Money orders are a safe option for sending a cash equivalent and can be bought at your local post office. Other vendors where you can purchase money orders are 7-11, CVS, Western Union, Moneygram, Safeway, etc. If you would like to pay with money order, please email us at info@kawaiilovebeauty.com and we will help you place your order, and provide instructions on how to make your payment. Your order will ship after we receive your money order payment.


♥ Do you accept concealed cash?  We have made many successful transactions with cash payments in US Dollars, but may be sent at your own risk. Please conceal your cash VERY WELL before mailing. We will not be held liable for lost or stolen payments. If you would like to pay with concealed cash, please email us at info@kawaiilovebeauty.com and we will help you place your order, and provide instructions on how to make your payment. Your order will ship after we receive your money order payment.


♥ Does your company offer wholesale discounts?  Yes. You may inquire through our customer service and we can negotiate a great deal for bulk orders or interested resellers.


♥ If I use a discount coupon and my purchase total is over $29, $75 or $100, will I still get free shipping and/or additional discounts based on your regular promotions?  Yes, coupons can be combined with our regular quantity discounts and freebies.


♥ Can I purchase circle lenses if I have perfect vision?  Yes, plano (non-powered) circle lenses are available. Find the item you would like and specify "0.00" as the power. If it is your first time wearing contacts, please be sure to consult with an eye doctor first to make sure contact lenses are okay for you to use, as some people cannot wear them due to special conditions such as excessively dry eyes, etc.


♥ Can people with light-colored eyes, or guys wear circle lenses?  Absolutely. Most of our circle lenses look great on everyone and can enhance the look of their eyes. For people with naturally light-colored eyes, we especially recommend the Nudy series. If you have bigger-than-average irises or would like to achieve a dolly-eye look, we recommend any of the Super 14.8mm, Xtra, Princess Mimi, or other 15.0mm diameter and above circle lenses.


♥ How long do these circle lenses last?  GEO brand (and most other Korean brands like EOS and Dueba) contact lenses can be worn for up to 12 months (except Holicat and Lady series, which last 3 months) with proper care, although we recommend replacing your lenses every 3 to 6 months, especially if you use them frequently. Unopened vials have a shelf life of 3 years.


♥ How long have circle lenses been around?  Circle lenses are not a recent trend in countries apart from the United States. Contrary to recent misconceptions, it is not a trend started by Lady Gaga. Celebrities and fashion-forward young adults have been wearing them for about a decade now in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, and is currently a must-have cosmetic accessory for over 1,000,000 girls in those nations.


♥ Are circle lenses safe for my eyes?  Circle lenses are basically manufactured with the same techniques as conventional colored contacts, so they pose the same risks. As with other contact lenses, proper care is necessary and must be worn responsibly (not sharing contact lenses, wearing only for the recommended hours) to prevent infections.

Our circle lenses are obtained straight from the manufacturer so they are guaranteed genuine. They bear medical accreditation such as US FDA 510(k), KFDA, Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Health Canada, ISO, KGMP, and CE, which means they have been approved safe for use by American, South Korean, Canadian, European, etc. standards. They are produced using NPP (Nano Polar Printing), a color lens manufacturing process using coloring materials that is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). As we can only guarantee that our circle lenses are 100% authentic, we cannot guarantee that contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. So again, we stress the importance of consulting with your eye care doctor before purchasing.



Have a question that isn't here? Please contact us and shoot! We'll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.