Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Hazelnut Brown Circle Lenses

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Barbie (Dueba) Puffy 3 Tones Hazelnut Brown Circle Lenses

Barbie Puffy circle lenses in hazel brown both enlarge as well as have vibrant, beautiful color in 3 tones. These lenses feature a gorgeous deep hazel brown tri-color natural effect that blends with your eyes. Each pair of Barbie Puffy 3-Tones Hazelnut Brown circle lenses comes with a free contact lens case and ships from Maryland, USA. These comfy brown contacts are 100% authentic and are internationally certified for safety and quality.

Additional Details

Puffy Hazel
16.5mm (effect) / 14.5mm (actual)
Base Curve:
Water Content:
Replacement Period:
Lenses last up to 1 year after opening
What's included:
1 pair of contact lenses + 1 lens case
Processing Time:
1-2 business Days