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22mm Sclera Red Mesh Theatrical Lenses

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CrazyLab Red Mesh Sclera Theatrical Contact Lenses

Amaze everyone who dares to look your way with these dramatic theatrical 22mm diameter red mesh sclera contact lenses! Popular in the movie industry, create a unique costume look that can only be achieved with these extreme bloody red contact lenses that cover most of the whites of your eyes. These opaque Red Mesh sclera lenses create an insanely haunting and macabre look that everyone will remember.

Note: Vision may be obstructed with use of these full eye lenses and may not be comfortable to wear for long periods. Do not wear while driving or any activity that requires the use of 100% vision. Use at your own risk.

Made in Korea
100% Authentic and High Quality
CE 1370 / ISO 13485 / KFDA Certified

Additional Details

Red Mesh Sclera
Base curve:
Water content:
62% hema copolymer
Replacement Period:
Lasts up to 1 year after opening with proper care and occasional use
What's included:
1 pair of contact lenses + 1 lens case
Processing Time:
1-2 Business Days

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