Cat Eye Green Circle Lenses | 1 Year

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CrazyLab Cat Eye Green Special Effects Circle Lenses

Meow! These 3 toned teal slit pupil effect colored contacts are stunning! Transform your eyes with an intense feline stare in vibrant aqua blue and green color. Each pair of CrazyLab Cat Eye Green circle lenses comes with a free contact lens case and ships fast from the USA.

Note: Because the size of pupil is small to achieve its thin vertical pupil look, there may be visual interference when wearing it. Do not wear while driving or any activity that requires the use of 100% vision. Use at your own risk.

Made in Korea
100% Authentic and High Quality
KFDA / GMP / ISO 1234845 / ISO 9001

Additional Details

CL Cat Eye Green F178
14.5 mm
Base Curve:
8.8 mm
Water Content:
High oxygen silicone hydrogel in sterile buffered saline
Replacement Period:
Lenses last up to 1 year after opening
What's included:
1 pair of contact lenses + 1 lens case
Processing Time:
1-2 Business Days

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